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A Small Business Company

(Creating Tailor-Made Software Solutions)

In 1993 Miller’s Software Services opened its doors. Miller’s Software Services started by specializing in creating and maintaining systems written in Advanced Revelation. Our original roots go back to creating trucking software in the PICK operating system. (PICK was the origin of the Revelation development tool.) We moved from PICK to creating DOS applications using Advanced Revelation. Then we moved into the Windows world and started developing Windows-based applications. Our experience has evolved over time by creating several innovative computer systems for various kinds of businesses. We pride ourselves on having a vast knowledge of several industries.

We have always specialized in supporting business systems. With a strong understanding of accounting principles, Miller’s Software Services has excelled in supporting manufacturing and distribution systems. We have also created systems for the automotive industry. Both parts and car sales. As well as creating systems for the medical industry.

Miller’s Software Services has always specialized in creating a Tailor-Made software solution that meets the needs of your business. Our moto is to create a system that enhances your business. This is especially valuable when your business model needs to change to keep up with your industry. With Tailor-Made (Custom) software, you will never be left behind.

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